Motorola Brute i680 User Manual PDF

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Download Motorola Brute i680 User Manual PDF - This User Guide introduces you to your wireless service and completely the skin texture of your new phone. Throughout this guide, you'll find tips that highlight out of the ordinary shortcuts and suitable reminders to help out you bring in the a large amount of your new phone and service. The List of Contents and Manifestation preference in addition help out you quickly locate definite in rank. You'll step the a large amount off of your phone if you read every subdivision. Nonetheless, if you'd love to step right to a definite feature, simply locate that subdivision in the List of Contents and go candidly to that page. Ensue the advice in that subdivision, and you'll be ready to manipulate your phone in no stretch.

The Motorola i680 Brute computer is a rugged-looking crust, designed for that group of users who necessity a durable phone, undemanding and whole the technological point of picture. Distributed exclusively by the phone Sprint NextelThe phone meets services specifications 810F with touch on to resistance to dust, cold, heat, shock, crushing, falls, moisture and solar radiation. The Motorola Brute is chiefly suitable for somebody working in ultimate environments. The computer is able to operate on mobile networks iDEN Dual-band 800900MHz.

Download Motorola Brute i680 User Manual PDF